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​​                                                                   ~PAYMENT~

     Services offered by Pongratz Law are provided on a retainer or flat fee payment basis.

     A RETAINER requires the up-front payment of a sum by the client which is retained by Pongratz Law in an interest-bearing client account.  As legal services are provided, corresponding attorney fees and costs (postage, copies, travel mileage, etc.) are withdrawn from the client account.  The client is kept informed of expenditures via periodic statements of account.   If the retainer is depleted before representation is completed, the client must replenish it.   Interest generated by client account funds is directed to the Maine Bar Association by law, to fund a variety of state services in Maine.  Any balance remaining at the completion of services is returned to the client.

     A FLAT FEE is a sum paid as full and complete payment for a particular legal matter.  It is agreed upon prior to the beginning of representation between the client and Pongratz Law. After it is paid, it requires no further payment of attorney fees.  We strive to provide a flat fee option in all possible cases so as to eliminate uncertainty over the ultimate cost of your legal services. 

     In some cases, usually personal injury matters, we will provide our services under a “contingency agreement”, whereby the client pays no attorney fees up-front, although the client may be responsible for the payment of some costs as they are incurred.   If there is a recovery, Pongratz Law retains an agreed-upon percentage as its attorney fee.

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