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~Probate Court~

• This court handles matters such as the processing of a Last Will and Testament, authority over minors and mentally ill adults (conservatorships and guardianships), and estate administration.

• We can represent a person who inherits from a Will (an heir), an executor of a Will (a Personal Representative), or a person that wants to contest, or challenge, some aspect of a Will.  

• While some types of bequeathed property require formal or informal probate proceedings in order to be formally transferred to an heir, a Last Will and Testament does not necessarily have to go through probate court following the death of the maker. 

•Probate Court may be required when ownership to property bequeathed in a Will is not clearly defined, or where there is a challenge to the distribution of property, or if there is doubt as to the entitlement to some item, or even in cases where doubt might exist as to the competence of the person who originally made the Will.

•Probate Court also handles matters such as Guardianship of a Minor or Guardianship of an Adult who is unable to care for him or herself.  These matters require a specific procedure and we can represent your legal interests from initial Petition to Final Appointment of Guardian.  We can also protect your interests if you disagree with such an appointment.


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