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~Protection Orders~
Protect yourself and your family

• We assist plaintiffs (victims of abuse or harassment) in filing and pursuing Protection from Abuse (PFA) and Protection from Harassment (PFH) actions in court.  Sometimes these are referred to as restraining orders.

• These proceedings can result, where the plaintiff is successful, in a Protection Order issued by the Court against the defendant.  The person protected can be an adult or an adult with his or her children.  While this is a civil process, violation of a Protection Order is a criminal offense.

• A judge may issue a Temporary Order immediately upon request, in order to protect a person who claims he or she is being abused or harassed and who is in immediate danger.  After a hearing, a judge may issue a PFA order lasting up to two years or a PFH order lasting up to on year.

• Where a defendant in these cases needs representation, we are also here to help. We ensure your rights are protected if you feel an order for protection, either temporary or permanent, has issued unjustly.

• We can represent you if you need a PFA or PFH order terminated, extended or modified.



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